Usiwai Kubali Kuwa Koffi Annan /Peace Maker Kwa Watu Ulala Under One Duvet

Najua wengi wenyu must know a couple or two who always get in an argument alafu they come to u ati ukuwe peace maker. Mseh manze please jaribu kuepuka na visanga kama hizi.

Meet Jemima Kerubo a.k.a @Nefertities and Onesmus Mogaka a.k.a @cortedivoire .
These two were once a couple until kukosana yao which used to happen time and time again ikafika mwisho wakawachana.

Anyway during their domestics they used to call on elder @Abba for relationship advice ama kuwa peace maker.

One day Abba received an SOS call from Jemima…she was crying on phone. She just told him, “he has done it again, please come over”.

Abba took his motorcycle and off he goes to the couple’s house.

He arrives and finds the couple wakiwa bubu game yaani hawaongeleshani. What is the problem this time?

NEFER: Abba, i have busted this nigga cheating again. He slept with a prostitute and i have evidence.

ABBA: is that true CORTEIVOIRE

CORTEIVOIRE: yes nakubali mastaka but i do it coz Nef refuses to have some sex style with me. She only prefers missionary.

NEF: imagine mtu anataka nimpatie some weird sex styles…this man is crazy.

ABBA: listen Corteivoire, respect your wife…hizo sex style sio fitty. Have the proper sex za married adults.

CORTEIVOIRE: okay i have heard and i won’t repeat it again. I love u Nef.

they kiss and make up

CORTEIVOIRE: baby can u make lunch for me and our visitor Abba before he leaves. Just to thank him for all his efforts.

NEF: no problem my husband.

Lunch is prepared…Abba and Corteivoire enjoy the food.
Very delicious food…as they were eating.

NEF: baby now that abba is here why don’t u ask him to help u find my wedding ring.

CORTEIVOIRE: oh yes oh yes… Abba would u mind helping me finding my wifes ring. Ilipotea chini ya kitanda and our bed is low…so i will lift the bed na wewe uende chini with a torch and retrieve the ring.

ABBA: no problem wacha tumalize dishy kwanza.

They go the room, Corteivoire lifts the bed and Abba goes under to retrieve the ring. When he was under the bed…Cortivoire let off the bed and now Abba was trapped leaving his kiyambis exposed.

CORTEIVOIRE: u are always on my wife’s side whenever we are having a feud…
Ati have mature sex style ya married pple u said…ati i stop this weird sex fantasies.

ABBA: please release me, what is this now?

Manze without wasting time Corteivoire started chunisharing Abba sukuma banae. Screams and moans were coming out of the room. This alerted Nef.

NEF: OMG , what are u doing hubby?

CORTEIVOIRE: sweet like the meat of a rabbit…uuuuh ahhhhhh.

ABBA: help help me Nef…ouch ouch.

NEF hit Cortivoire with mwiko ya ugali and he eventually released Abba.

Abba took off
Jamaa could not even sit on his bike coz kiyambis ilikuwa inawaka moto.

Nefertities divorced CORTEIVOIRE and left him kabisa.


:D:D:D:D hapa nimejua kales itachunwa cc @Abba


:D:D:D:D Abba hakukimbia with falling trousers?

wewe ni mjinga like a heap of fresh steaming cowdung . hata @Panyaste included :D:D:D

:smiley: Lakini you are a lowkey buttyboy. Hizi story zako na theme hukuwa constant tell alot.

I thought today was different, till the guy gets under :smiley:

Ati uuuuuh aaaaah


Hehehe it was at this moment that @Abba muteso knew that shit was going down

:D:D:D:Drazima angechunishwa kales. Juu ya kiherehere

Abba siku hizi yuko wapi?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D funniest chieth today . Kali sanaa

don’t buy this cow dung story

enda uminye jinga hata wewe

:D:D b4 and after ya food Huwa noma

mteso, midget namaliza wewe :D:D:D:D

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the illustration though!

Knew something was to go down when mteso was told to peep under the bed. Wish him a quick recovery. Hope hakuambukizwa magojwa ya zinaa niliona hio jinga @cortedivoire inakulanga vitu za dumpsite.