USIU rich kids

I have never forgotten when we were holding an international conference in USIU hall, which was due to end in the next 5 minutes or so, arrogant kids who were practicing drama started setting up the stage as the speaker was talking. They then rudely sat on the tables and demanded we leave and that our time was done. This is a conference attended by CEOs, businessmen, artists, enterprenuers from all over the world and backed by sponsored by the largest companies in Kenya/Africa. The MC tried to reason with them but the more he tried, the more they became hostile. The meeting ended unceremoniously and the foreigners left shocked. What goes around comes around.

Meeting was due to end in 5 minutes, but was that 5 minutes after the allocated time? I have kicked out people like that because I had paid for a space and they were running late. Their 5 minutes could have lasted another hour. Police almost had to be called.

They could have at least warned. It was on LIVE tv. Then they were doing a lot of nothing after doing that. I think it was a sex-fest disguised as practicing drama because of the way they were dressed/acting. You don’t interrupt an international meeting like that. Hii si meeting ya mnada or chief.

Heshimu sisi rich kids wa inheritance nanii … Bloody nugu.

Leta full stori nanii

Reta rink

You have not answered the question. Was the meeting within the allocated time?

Bonobos tunajua ujinga wenu. Meeting ya kuanza 8 am inaanza 11am, alafu mna-inconvenience kila mtu. Hata after kuanza late, bonobo ilikuwa allocated 5 minutes inapeana speech ya 20 minutes, na hakuna mtu anaeza mwambia time’s up ati juu sijui ni CEO anga foreigner. Shikeni adabu washienzi nyinyi.

Rich kids pay to be there, nothing is free to them like in public universities. This something few understand especially those in public institutions. They paid for it and every minute you were extending your stay you were stealing from them.

Respect time nanii.You dont go inconveniencing others because your event is being attended by CEOs etc. When I was employed in a Telco company I once had a meeting with Huawei engineers who had come over at work.I had booked the meeting room two days earlier only to find HR team having a meeting in the same venue and refusing to leave.Ilibidi nizime projector ndio watoke.The clowns hated me ever since.

I’m betting they waited hapo nje for hours before resorting to that.

I know you can’t hear the entitlement in your voice. Time is a very limited resource na kama huwezi keep time don’t blame it on others.

station gani? weka link tuone hio drama


ati ang’owa?

Peasant tales can’t relate banae.

Some buggers have no respect for others time yet want to be treated well when it suits them.

Am now convinced I know you

I attended USIU from 2011 to 2015. People keep time because that hall is always booked and getting an open slot is really hard. If not exams and Mid-terms, then talks and conferences etc. People need to learn how to keep time my friend.

The only thing USIU students dont keep time is the Mr &Mrs USIU-other than that those guys keep time

mnada ni auction in kiswahili

OP kweli amekipata.