Usiku TBT Sacco: where were you?

Today was a long and particularly useless day and I decided to check my Google photos to see how I was faring on last year,September 14th/15th.
I was in Bondo,frustrated and very much plastered.(it’s official, Septembers suck for me) I thank my gods for quitting that habit of drowning my sorrows with whithky.


Just tucked in my rugrats after we had a kung-fu movie marathon( drunken master 1,2 and 3) since 6 p.m . I know tomorrow they will practice the kicks and chops on one another like my brothers and I did once upon a time.

Where were you last year on a day like this and did you capture the moment? Thank you Google.

I never captured the moment photographically but i was drowning my sorrows too.
I had just began Court proceedings against one of my baby-mommas after she denied me the right to take my youngest boy to his first Day of school!

I wasn’t to see my boy for another six months lakini ni Sawa Tu.

Its all good in the hood now and thankfully, I have also kicked the addiction to hard liquor as a coping mechanism and I try to make the most of every day I see any of my kids.

hehe waah, kumbe niggas are through shit kwa hii mtaa

I can’t remember the physical location, but I too, admit that I was most likely making a lot of bad/poor mental and emotional decisions.

Oh well, one of the most important things is to learn your lessons, whether from minor or major consequences, and grow as a person.

[SIZE=1]Blergh! That was a really cliché and gay thing to say, but being human comes with finding out that you’re not special and neither are the things you go through. Succinctly explains why the word “cliché” exists.[/SIZE]

The day after today I would have committed but a revelation happened and I never did.

:oops::oops::oops: you left her at the altar?

Suicide ?

We find a gateway to escape realities out there

:D:D ask him [COLOR=rgb(84, 172, 210)]@Abba

Not really,before getting there,we couldn’t agree on some pre-ambles

Nooo ile ya kusema I do or the one that has to do with lot of submissions

Last year was good on me most likely I was high as a kite on a concortion of vat and Heineken… Fuck friends nimeamka mapema Niko police station trying to get out wenye walidandiwa Jana usiku wenye wanajua hii maneno wanajua you do it early in the morning

Last year around this time, I had just met my bro after several months of being unable to at the behest of our father. He wanted to send us together to Meria Mata county to link up with a cousin who was to show us some sites in Lunga Lunga, Likoni and Lamu (we did not make it to Lamu due to time). It was a fairly successful trip which was punctuated by alcohol and small-time fun. However, we later came to learn our cousin tried to con us several months down (we noticed only last week actually) the line and once again we have to make the pilgrimage.

a pic taken back then


Can’t remember dates well,but was going through a rough time financially

Last year a time like this I was on PEPs, and thanks to our good village Doc @Luther12 for his advice, burst condom ain’t no joke. I also learnt to zip up and only do it with mama watoto.

It was a tough time for most people after the elections.I can’t say things have improved that much now also.

Last year time kama saa hii nilikuwa nimemaliza 5th cycle ya chemo. Nilikuwa nimebaki tu na moja ya mwisho. Little did I know hiyo chemo yote haikuwa inafanya kazi hata kidogo.

Wueh, the horror.:D:D:D
I’m glad you are okay.Your faithfulness is commendable.

It’s getting worse each day,but bora uhai

Cheaper and most definitely safer.