Usiku Sacco

Sijui kwanini hio accident ilinishtua hivo, labda ni hio guardrail, labda ni vile ilikua early morning, labda ni…
Alafu the comments huko mukuru, wueh, acha tu, thought ole kaparo ako na machinery ya kufix hao offenders lakini wapi, just another toothless govt body, lots of bark but no bite. Tribalism will be the end of us.
Fungeni macho tuombe
Life is short, one minute you are here next you are in kingdom come.

Thank you lord for another day,
The chance to learn, the chance to play.
Now as I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Please, guard me Jesus through the night,
And keep me safe till mornings light.
But if should I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

And should I live for other days,
I pray that God will guide my ways.

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tuko hapa ramogi fm tukizungumzia economic boycott kendo mar kenya katagik awinjoki. Penji angio alternative koriwachoni diwer mane okrach. Wachane. Ero kamano


Presently imbibing a finely aged ale in the midst of delectable damsels. Will report as and when I impale the lot.

Amen. Nice prayer. In at 21:30 but out shortly as I have a presentation 2morrow morn. The Dons will be in attendance so I best not trip and stand there talking matope. Dreading the Q&A at the end as always… coz you never know what to expect.

Pole try not to worry too much about the accident. As we grow older mortality becomes a vvv disturbing ishu. I am back in the gym now 3 times a week. I also worry a lot about stuff like terrorism which I have no control over. Road accidents. Train/plane accidents…

Nanaight VC and other Usiku Sacco regulars. All shall be well.

off i go

A buddy of mine was involved in the crash today. recovering well in hospital, keep him in your prayers.

Your handle leaves you in a bad predicament.

I wish him a quick recovery

You are up at this hour after a night of debauchery?:slight_smile:

Usiku Sacco closed

we need to fix us - nothing more

funny.not funny

mabenda 4 act.mbisha or it never happened

My dear, I had a rough night. Ever woken up with 6 alarm bells ringing inside your scalp?

finely aged ale , aye?