Usiku sacco

Hapa marevellers wana imba, bondosant sitawahi enda, kuna ndogo ndogo mingi, RWNEBP


UOTP liwe liwalo.


Hii robot ina angalia nini?



Ni mapema sana

hii sacco hufunguliwa saa ngapi?

nangoja afrojiri na ulevi sacco! Hiyo ndio ya maana kwangu.

@Fala 12 watu wapewe. waache kusumbua

chinsa chia abarogi…twende kazi sasa

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Kuhesabu pocket change kiasi…


Halafu billionaires wa ukweli wanaingia…

[ATTACH=full]127236[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]127237[/ATTACH]


Sheikh Jobonde saidi Leo ni sku ya Reggae Kuruka

11.45 Arrived home.Opened the door,dropped bag ,removed shoes , untucked my blouse (God , I hate official wear) .

Checked on my ninjas and kissed their sleeping faces,walk to my room, remove bra,throw it wherever.

Return to the kitchen, take a cold Heineken , drop onto my favorite sofa,prop my feet up, switch on the telly and put on my song of the day.
What is everyone else up to? @Miss Finest Wine I hope you are ok.


22.20…I am vvv okay girly. That sounds amazing. I am busy wishing a new villager away as I know he is an old villager. Kush has promised us the hekaya for kesho. I am all ears about ka-risto on your end. Do tell.
Have not drunk for almost 2 weeks so this coming weekend will be mufti…

Haha…stalker ? Pole sana. Anyhoo I am fine just tired. You and Kush will be ok though…:slight_smile: Keep that fire burning.

I am curious though? Who is stalking you?

Don’t know but here we go for starters

I will expose 2 more pests.

Kush and I will be fine. That is for shua.

Lovely.Well ,mine is just damn complicated …let’s just leave it @ that ! Hehehe

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Hit my inbox if you like at some point. I have morphed into an agony aunt:(

May have loads to advice /share as I have older Sistas and inlaws but I have to go to bed now as I have been ill all week. Some here know but I am guud now.

Thanks for the offer. You are a sweet gal indeed but this is all fun and games.
Have a lovely night.

I like your narration hope mzee alirub your feet, massage kidogo !

Nimeona late nilikuwa hapo J’s opposite kwa Bob conman safcom. In all my peasantry raves, sijai Pata club imejaa walami kuliko kienyeji

Phew thank goodness. Enjoy your Friday too girly girl tukutane in tonight’s sacco amd tukipostiwa ile hekaya.