Usiku Sacco (kwa nyeni)

how was your jamhuri day, ulispend aje? mark register apa on behalf of MM

Still locked… Unknown location

Busy day, running up and down

quiet day with immediate fam. thutha nikii gweka?

Pole kwa masaib

utanishow details kaka vile kunaenda

ataree waganu vava:D

First i have to give thanks God coz hiyo siku imeisha ivo bila maneno mengi…

Hustling here and there leo imekuwa kwa wingi but all in all my day was fine.

Insomnia:( :frowning: spent my day sleeping and baking

Spent my day lazing in a beach bed at a villa in South Coast courtesy of nairobi friends, December mood imeingia kwa vishindo

If you really want to sleep, switch off your data, log off on all of your social media accounts, relax your mind and play some soothing jazz instrumentals. Atleast thats what I do

I do not like any sort of noise when I’m trying to get some sleep. Today esp I have been thinking about so many random scary things, that noise will only scare me… :frowning:

In at 22.23 my time and out in a bit Sparta. Glad MM is holding it together.


Good E…but about to leg it to bed.

Sleep well, niote niki ku Dic :slight_smile:

Words fail me you ‘silly’ man E. Wacha Uwes akuje akuambie ukapike na ukule wa Kisii, that was EPIC. That was a classic click becoz it is Bukusus like him that are known to do this.

But still i reserve I diq for you

Mchagua jembe (hoe) sio mkulima…