excuse my modest level of ‘Sophistication’ but what the fuq is bridal showers?

Weka mbicha ya your modesty level of ‘sofisticachon’…halafu tukuambie


what is that

just another occassion for girls to let their hair down, gossip and discuss their sexual fantasies…

Its like a golden shower but for chics the night before the wedding, she pees on her bridesmaids and the male stripper (if they have one)

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how old are you?

for real?


OF COURSE THE FUCK NOT! niggas here can type in the url of this site, username, password and the fucking question but cant write that same question on google and get an answer? KUWA SERIOUS!!!

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@Electronics4u hehee! hiyo ni ngumu brathee, @Ice_Cube am wondering too,

@gashwin didn’t know that, kumbe ni the normal girlie gossips, @nairobilay thanks kwa kunichanua bruh

@siki no problem chief

Wewe no peeing is involved …just a gal’s night out with her close friends before her wedding…it may start at home with some food and Senga (sex aunt).

And ends up in a club

see post #8


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Haha so that’s what those numbers r for…:confused: i get i thought u liked pissing thing with ur comment

silly kitty :slight_smile:


It is the shower or bath a bride takes on the evening prior to the wedding. Its purpose is to ensure all traces of semen deposits in the vaginal cavity are cleaned in readiness for the new deposit from the new husband. Failure to clean properly leads to mixing of different species of cum and can lead to itching, birth of multicolored kids or albinos, or in extreme cases an explosion of the pussy (like when you mix acid with sugar). Has also been identified as a cause of cervical cancer.


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just another occasion for girls to remove their wigs, gossip and discuss their sexual fantasies…