uses of banana peel

A banana peel is the outer covering
of the banana fruit.They are full of
antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins,
so they can naturally cure many
ailments and can aid cell
regeneration. Here are just a few
uses you will want to know.

  1. Bug Bites and bruises
    Just rub a banana peel on a bug
    bite/ bruise to soothe the skin and
    reduce the itch. With regenerative
    properties, banana peel can speed
    up the healing of bruises.
  2. Teeth Whitening
    Rub the inside of a banana peel on
    your teeth for a couple of minutes
    every other day, and your teeth
    could be noticeably whiter in a few
  3. Acne and Pimples
    This can soothe the inflammation
    and irritation of acne. It also helps
    to prevent future outbreaks. Rub a
    peel over the acne every night. You
    should see a positive change within
    a few days.
  4. Headaches
    Simply take the peel and spread it
    out across your forehead and relax
    while the nutrients are absorbed
    into your skin. This will gradually
    ease the pain. A mixture of
    vegetable oil mixed with banana
    peel also helps in pain relief.
  5. UV Protection:
    Banana peel helps in protecting the
    eyes from harmful UV rays. Make
    sure you leave the peel under the
    sun before rubbing the banana peel
    on your eyes. It is also proven to
    reduce the risk of cataracts