Useless Seatbelts In Kenyan Matatus

A 3 point Safety Belt or a Seatbelt MUST have 3 points mounted on the Chassis or body of the vehicle. On most Matatus in Kenya the belts are mounted on the seat itself. When these matatus roll the seats come off and the passengers are stirred around like potatoes in a pot.


This is a Camping Van with properly fitted belts. Same case applies to 2 points belt.

Hizi za Gari za Matatus don’t even get 1 Star Safety rating.


Work smart and get your own moti ,nature are death traps …[SIZE=1]I ain’t snobbish or a rich kid.[/SIZE]

3 point seat belts.

Michuki destroyed our public transport system. He created room for the cartels we have today. Public transport system in Nairobi was better before michuki than it is today.

Well organised investors who resolve what to do and do what they resolve will not invest their money in a sector where the government has failed and wants to micro manage those who try to help.

What do you know yet you live in Ruto’s arsehole?