Useless Police Department Allowed Murderer To Continue Working

The pig that killed 6 innocent people in Kabete was under investigation for murder.

niaje bonobo1

Salutations bonobo1

We expect too much from retarded goons with guns. Scambags that were hired solely because they could ran for 10 kilometers and had 36 teeth instead of the usual 32, that is why you see them checking the recruits’ mouths so that in case they ran out of bullets they can turn to their natural weapons. FANGS, FVCKING snakes.

You get what you pay for

ngamia kama @Ndindu ikaiingia mbunge venye iko na mdomo refu inageuka ikuwe nyoka :smiley:
imumunye kumumunya

Fucking bus driver driving headon on a flooding river.

Na watu wako job.

Lorry ya mafuta is a daily occurance endangering human life.

Na watu wako job.

How can this continue to happen?

Thank god prison boss alikula yake.