Use of hash tags real talk

Real Talk # TBT
Last week i engaged in a debate with
one of my highbrow friends. She is a
wise young lady very interesting
personality. But i can also describe
her as ‘B.I.T.C.H’ ( Beautiful,
Intelligent, Talented, Cunning,
Horny). She was confused between
her current boy friend and her ex.
This is because her ex is trying to
get back with her. What i learnt from
her is that her previous dude was
really really good in bed. when i say
good i mean the tom cruise good. At
least that’s what i got to understand
from her. Let me stop with the
details before she reads this and kills
me. But i told her i will be posting
about it.
The debate was that she was
experiencing the urge to bang her ex
one last time. I was against all this
because i believe that if you keep
repeating the chapters the ending
will never change. I wouldn’t advice
anyone to cheat on their partners. As
we debated into the topic she
happened to mention a rather
interesting theory. She mentioned
that what if she had intercourse with
her ex on a Thursday, that wouldn’t
be cheating because it would be a

tht (throw back Thursday) moment.

The idea of using #tbt as an excuse
was evil and yet creative idea. It got
me thinking about it and i came to
realize that she did not have to wait
till throw back thursday to do what
she was considering to do. She can
do it on any weekday from # MCM
(man crush monday) #tmbt ( take me
back tuesday) # wbw (way back
wednesday) #tbt (throwback
thursday) #fbf ( flash back friday). Its
funny how you can use hashtags to
fulfill your actions. But again am
against cheating on your partners at
the end of the day, i had convinced
her not to cheat on her dude. He
owes me one… hehe…