1 USD =Ksh100.15
I have a feeling by the time Patrick Njoroge takes office and Obama visiting Kenya.The Ksh will weaken to Ksh 130.

Damn.Is it our economy doing badly? Ama dollar shortage due to low inflow of that currency?

The dollar is strengthening against all currencies. The U.S economy is doing well and trying to fight depreciation will be like trying to force a backyard-lover to get intrested in pussy, it wont work. the cbk will just be diminishing its dollar reserves.


damn we wont fully enjoy the benefits of falling international crude oil prices

its hard to tell most economists will attribute it to the trade deficit, insecurity, gas prices but no clear answer can be given.

If you had reserved some dollars since October 2014 you would be happy person.

Cbk and the govt at large should try and win back investor confidence so the Ksh can recover.

Kenya’s Current Account Deficit is past the KES 1 Trillion Mark. Ten years ago in 2005, The Shilling reached an impressive KES 71 to the USD. The MAIN reason for this were because (1)The Republic had just elected a new President in over 2 decades who campaigned under the banner of non-corruption. As a result, investor confidence was at an all time HIGH. (2)All time low Bank Interest rates encouraged entrepreneurs to borrow from banks, this small to Medium Enterprises generated significant Cash Flow with the Economy in addition to creating employment (3)Despite the infamous Anglo Leasing Scandal that had Githongo resign, investors still had confidence on the War On Corruption and continued Investing in Infrastructure and Construction. Fast Forward to Today, Bank Interest Rates are at over 10% compared to 0.83% a decade ago. Corruption Scandals go deeper than the Mariana’s Trench, Insecurity has affected tourism at the Coast.
It really is a Miracle we are on the fringes of 100, at this rate if the variables remain constant expect 150 or more unless Kibakinomics is applied. Hopefully the new CBK Governor applies corrective action.


The slide will continue lakini the rate won’t reach 130 by end of July. I think we need a more realistic perspective.

Boss, what corrective action is this the CBK Governor can take to arrest further Kshs Depreciation?

You just listed an impressive breakdown of where we have gone wrong, unless we fix these areas we remain at the mercy of harsh realities.

1 euro = 110Ksh.

Hii ni furaha kwangu

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Quote credible sources please. I’d like to see one article from a source which isn’t dickriding the US.

This cracked me up

our new CBK Governor cant stop the dollar from appreciating, the best we can do is to hope Obama comes with some serious investors to pour dollars into this country, otherwise Ksh to the dollar will hit 120-130 by Dec.

I have comrades in sudan who are paid in dollars by the UN they are smilling all the way to the bank

The Dollar appreciation is NOT a kenyan problem, if it were a kenyan problem, the Ugandan shilling and Tanzanian shilling would be gaining against the kenyan shilling which is not happening, read @joeys comment above

The Naira and SA rand have even experienced a slide against the dollar. Yeah. It is a global problem not just Kenyan.

Mimi nataka isonge kabisa, Paypal haingiangi KES


Only to have their smiles wiped way when they go to spend their Ksh.