USD north of KES 100

Feels good bros*304.jpg

P.s. actually 96 today

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@Theuri wa kigogoine usilete hiyo gari saa hii u will be forced to cough extra cash

why? inform me

Its been there before, I remember in 2012 there was a time it hit over 105.

compare a car quoted @5,000 dollars in Japan,

dollar @ 100 you cough 500,000 KES

dollar at 85 or 82 you cough 425,000 KES or 410,000

a difference of a whooping 75k to 90k


The US dollar had gained strength alot but what actually has our shilling done? The US last month alone added over 200,000 jobs, consumers spent more and confidence is high, as a result the dollar grew stronger.

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blame it on women who want everything to be given like for freeeeeeeeeeeeee… only to them[ATTACH=full]5208[/ATTACH]


Link muhimu, a month 200k jobs is not a mean feat.


The dollar is rallying against most currencies.

Best time ever to be on the computer :D. For every $$ you receive you get about 10-15ksh more:D:D:D

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It’s been all over int’l media lately. Here’s one link:

@Luther12 You Smart!