USB HDMI Adapter

Anyone who can recommend a working USB HDMI Adapter that works.Place to buy and make.Bought one that doesn’t work

Jumia / jiji.
What exactly do you want to use it for? Android to TV, connect more Monitors?

Naomba kutia ndani

I have an old Laptop without HDMI port that I use to stream football,want to use TV screen

Why not try VGA to HDMI cable, I know they are available out there ama hio laptop haina VGA port?

You can cast to the Tv if it is a smart one.

Ni ile tv ya aniko[ATTACH=full]358635[/ATTACH]

Leo ni Friday nioshe macho banae… Ata kama ni picha ya bra tu


Carrefour computer accessories section. They have a goods return policy