Within 10 minutes, 1-0 without Rapinoe. Hara-mbee stars should be watching this one to learn a thing or two about spunk.

it’s USA vs England

1-1 within 20 minutes. This one will be a real contest.


very important correction what would this village do without you

In other news I vouch for England becoz of the more womanly damsels

Shait 2:1 si kupoa nmechange sides

2-1 USA!!

That missed penalty would have levelled the score. The US goes through. I hope the Dutchies beat Sweden tomorrow, and we are guaranteed a boiling finale.

Final: Netherlands Vs US of Tilamp
Winners: Miedema and co

That would be a fantastic outcome.

Yap. It was. And I’m ‘poorer’. It was 2-2 but…