USA strikes Iran again



katambe kutamba. this guy should not have been mocking Trump. The man literally ran for president because Obama hired a comedian to mock him. and then he insulted the president of Canada for sengenyaing him and now calls him two-faced. Richard Branson did a whole piece on how hard Trump holds on a grudge. I think telling him "you can’t do anything was a big mistake. Kuna wasee huchukuli madharua ya pesa nane serious sana.

RB piece >>>>


Its all about COMMERCE. Soleimani was engaged in building oil pipelines from Iraq to Syria, a terminal at Tartus Port dedicated to Iran only (Tartus is very strategic to Russia)

:D:D Armchair experts tulieni. Or you think Trump works alone with zero input from intelligence experts?

:D:D Fake news is trying very hard to say ,“Trump is responsible! Only Trump alone did it, please Iran kill only Trump!”

Hahahaha. Iran the ball is in your court now. For 40 years you have ‘rattled a quiet snake’ like Michuki coined it. Well, the day is finally here.

6 U.S presidents in 40 years. The 7th one ndio amesema enough is enough.

Timely and Strategic diversion tactics from his impeachment situation

In 2001 if you were around back then, you know what they said?

George Bush Jr. was having such a bad year as President he had practically run away from the white house to hide in Texas chopping down trees and fishing. And the media was all over him.

He was viewed as the guy whose bro helped him steal the election. During his inauguration in January that year 2001 he was pelted with eggs by liberals.

So the conspiracy theory after the september 11 attack , was that his billionaire dad planned the whole thing to make the son popular in American eyes. To divert attention from a looming future impeachment for the son who stole the election, the dad sat down with his friends the Saudis and hatched a plan.

So… hakukosagi conspiracy theories.

Too many African immigrants living and working in the Middle East, some of whom are near and dear to me. Let’s hope that they remain safe.

One glorious nation UNDER GOD. Listen to Trump’s powerful speech from yesterday as he addressed 7,000 Evangelicals in Florida.

Which God? Even money is a god…

Robert Green explains the story of the man who is hopelessly insecure…

“His ego is fragile, his sense of self insecure, and if he feels himself deceived or attacked, the hurt will simmer”


Khamenei and Rouhani will be butchered too. Wait and see.

That would create such a hell! Not a wise move.