USA secretly building airport next to Syria Oil Deposits

Katika pilkapilka ya “bringing democracy” to syria…

How do you secretly build a Airport?

Uncle sam magic

If it was done secretly, how do you know about it?? Do you know what a secret is?? Do you??

An airport to fly out oil?

And here we were thinking they were fighting tyrants :D. Same with Vietnam i bet they wanted to grab that land to build massive bases in order to keep china in check …but they failed,somalia coast…failed ,they better stick to pillaging oil and congo minerals,thats what they are good at atleast

USA the great Satan doesn’t even have to build an airport to steal oil from a third world country. They can just bring in relief and soldiers in several planes and fly out with oil drums. Easy and simple.

Niaje kinyozi wa Ruaka

But why? America has plenty of oil.