USA Johntez Sprayed With 18 Shots By Clerk While Attempting To Rob A Convenient Store

Ili liwe funzo Dec 20,2020 the Negro met his maker

Is the seated guy deaf? Amekaa hapo tu nikama amelewa

Very dangerous action by the shooter. That bonobo robber obviously had a fake or unloaded gun juu he would have put a bullet into that ghaseer’s skull instead of running like a bitch.

I have no pity for thieves. They all need to be dispatched to their maker’s enemy for roasting.

Jamaa sasa anajiona Rambo vile ameangusha a negro. Mpatie 3 weeks hivi, hel probably be dead from retaliations from the brotherhood, and that store burnt to the ground.

Y’all killed X, let Zimmerman live, streets is done


I love such endings, kuna channel pale YT where they have a section of robberies ending badly for the bad guy. Wacha niende nikazitazame.


Inakaa smoke shop, jamaa alikuwa high on afghan hash akicheza ps5.

Ua jambazi sugu bila huruma

Mogoka base type predictions.

Nobody is going to go after the shooter or his business.
What happened is there for all to see.


Am afraid it will end badly for the shop attendant/defender. Guaranteed jail-time. He fired at a fleeing attacker and continued to land shots on target even when he was disabled on the ground. This is murder.

No it’s not, the intruder still had his weapon in his hand.
Kudos to that young man for a job well done.

He was running for the exit brathe. You cannot shoot and kill in such a situation and claim self-defense. Maybe if you shot him once or twice. But this guy continued to cap the guy even when he was on the ground. He wanted to kill him, not save himself. There is a channel called Active Self Protection (ASP) on YouTube. They review videos like these and explain what is acceptable for a selfdefender to do or not to. Shooting or chasing a fleeing suspect is highly discouraged.

very nice

Kwanza blm ikipata hii video watatetea jambazi hadi cops washike the shop owner.

His lawyer will argue that initially the accused intended to stop the thief from escaping the store, but upon wounding the defendant the guy still clutched at his weapon and tried to shoot back.

Provided the weapon was still in the assailants hands then it shows the man was a threat and having committed one crime at the scene, then the continuous volley of shots were meant to incapacitate him.
Take note that after disarming the thief no shot was fired at him.

Tyrone was a good boy. He dindunuffin. MHRIP

He struck the shooter. Clear self defense. On top of having a criminal intent. There is no case here. Live by the gun, die by the gun.