USA Green card lottery opens today

Try to luck if you are interested.


We don’t want to relocate to a country of a spree killers

Afadhali kwenda a country like Austria ama Estonia.

I don’t want a white looney taking potshots at my very black head.

thanks…my dream to visit to california is still intact

Nahamia Tibet.

What are the benefits of living there?

Wacha nikaishi kismayu

Since 2009…wacha sasa ikae

Free and fastest internet

…also austrian chics are hornier than @Female Perspective (or so ive been told by all those women in my email inbox who want to fuck me right now)

Is that pink handler also in the line up?

…fuck you in wat hole exactly?

Me naeza taka kwenda Mehico nikameet elchapo

alikamatwa na akina Navy seal ako trampland

Switzerland is a good country to relocate to.

Kuna wengine upcoming kama yeye

Good luck with that. Even chicken wish they could fly.

Despite all the negatives you hear about, I still believe it was worth it x1000. Dying is an event and it can happen anywhere, anytime. Do it!

ebu nijaribu bahati. ION Nani anajua vile msee anaeza ingia finland ama Switzerland?