US warns North Korea

Attack us and we will annihilate you!

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Katambe sasa

kanuke,tukufe wote

This war will start in the year 20Never. And I don’t want to be wrong, the opposite is stuff of nightmares.

How many warnings are we going to hear?


In a nuclear war, there are no winners. Just survivors

They warned them not to launch the nuclear weapon.He launched it,now this Trump should just look the other way and let the big kid continue testing his toys

No nuclear weapon was launched.
That was a test and the US also routinely tests its latest weapons and systems but they get thoroughly alarmed when an enemy tests such a massive improved bomb.


hii ni ile red line ya Ole Lenku tu

Marekani mbwembwe nyingi kuliko vitendo!

US should go drying

Enyewe the warnings have become too much. The turd should walk the talk

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Oh…tell us about it!!

Hapa ni Russian roulette…U.S. makes the wrong move & Japan or S. Korea are no more.

kasonge sasa

NK has shown other rogue nations that the only way to avoid getting atacked by the US is owning Nuclear weapons.

America can never risk invading NK despite moving massive deployments to SK. It will just be a waiting game of who throws the first punch.

US has has lots of nukes and NK is not complaining, who said the US is the prefect of the world?
Keep it up NK.

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