US of A: The next epicenter of corona virus. And it's gonna be ugly

As of today (15th March), 52 people have died as a result of the virus. 2,500 people have been infected in several states.
An old man, from Kansas city, who has never entered a plane and who couldn’t recall interacting with any one who had travelled to corona virus hotspots died on Thursday. This means corona iko mashinani mbaya mbovu.
A 27 year old Kenyan student flew from Ohio to wherever in the US, then to UK, then to Nairobi, then to town then to Rongai and then to kitale…that’s not the point.
My point is that the virus is widely spread across the US and it’s gonna explode in the next 2 weeks or so. Oh and a very very very senior US official will succumb to this disease.
The US has the highest number of flights between them and China, but they thought they were invincible, the moment the outbreak happened in China, often ignoring calls for tests.
Drumpf is all over the press instead of isolating and quarantining himself.
Unluckily for us, they have exported this problemo right to our very doorsteppo.

Yes kibera quarantine will be interesting.
Hautoki kwa nyumba wiki mbili, unakufa na njaa.

Jana the head of cdc was forced to scrap the $1100 testing fee and subsequent treatment /care…which was out of reach for a significant number of ppl without insurance. …

If there will be lock down in US, it’s majority of Kenyans who will die of hunger. Wueh…Tumetegemea States for long

2 Sundays ago 89 cases,
Last Sunday 470 cases,
This Sunday as at this hour 2,850 cases.
If that trend continues the US will be in a total lockdown by next Sunday.
The Trump administration has belatedly woken up to the seriousness of this pandemic only for the last 48 hours.

Please expound on the majority part?

Hata kenya ni noma. hamna namna ya kudiagnose mapema. China wameinstall body temp detectors. ukopatikana above 37 Celsius, ni quarantine mara moja

Don’t even want to talk about Kenya.
Here we are in very deep shait.

This will be funny when if and when it is proven that they are the ones who created this virus to hurt their enemies of China and Iran with.

The US created this thing to hurt its rivals in the East. A few more deaths and the vaccine will be released. China did their investigation and confirmed.

The Chinese can also not be exenorated


People are actually buying the Chinese propaganda. This thing is of Chinese origin. There should be a world governing body to dictate what human should not eat

Heehe they should dictate what we eta

UNITED STATES: Researchers have given the first dose for possible coronavirus vaccine, which is being trialled in Seattle on 45 young and healthy volunteers.

Nonsense unasoma tu article moja then you start making very big conclusion, mbuzi

They will stop us from eating Ugali.Just like they stopped us from being ourselves traditional-wise