US Farmers Are Making These Giant Holes in Their Cows. The Reason? Weird Yet Helpful
Organic farming and sustainable farming practice is the norm these days. We see more and more farms converting into sustainable farming units. So what is sustainable farming? It basically utilises techniques and methods that ensure the protection of environment while also giving organic yield as output.
Recently, we came across this strange practice in US organic farms where organic dairy farmers are making these giant holes in their cows. A lot of you might have seen it, but we are pretty sure that not all of you are aware of what this is and why it is there – the holes that expose the cow’s stomach. It looks very unnatural and is not pleasant to look at. However, this may help increase the lifespan of cow and apparently cows are not bothered by it at all. This is infact a very successful sustainable farming technique being used for a while now.

[SIZE=4][B]This is known as fistula and helps scientists while testing the cow’s process of digestion.[/B]
After the cows have been fed, scientists use this fistula to observe how the food gets digested.
In order to do this, the scientists reach physically into the cow and then feel the digestion’s consistency.
The cows are not bothered by the process and surprisingly this proves beneficial to cow. If such a cow becomes sick the medicine is directly given to the stomach.’s-Stomach-Fistula4.jpg
So do you agree with this sustainable farming practice? Or do you think this is not good for the cows? Let us know in the comments section below


Hii @FieldMarshal CouchP aliona kabla WW II ianze.

This is research work and not farming per se!

Common practice at Egerton university.
Tembea Kenya ujionee wachana na USA.

@Mkulima other than Amiran, is there any other cheap company that can offer greenhouse Farmer’s kit?

Hii kitu inafanywa pale KARI Muguga kila siku. I do not have to go to the US to see that…

i call them Alien cows, if u do that to “gicande” back in the village it will scream until it vomits the green stuff thru that hole
what about when they lay down, that hole is goin to turn into a hiding place for rats:D

This is done for research not farming, those are research farms

Hii tuliona ASK showground

Alafu @Mkulima , huyu ni wewe?

its not for what you say…ati kueka medicine and watching how they digest food…naaaah… saw it on tv juzi…during hot summer their cows have some air lock in stomach…soo hapo ndo hua hio air lock hutolewa…

Thats just fucked up

next time ni binadamu watawekewa hyo kitu. Ikifika hapo lemme die in peace.

Airlock you mean bloating?


Ukienda Nyeri next time unipitie ukilipa…not for free:D;)

Asante sana. Nitakupitia

kitu ka hioo