US Denied War

Us wanted War.
US " Iran used mines on the Ship"

Japanese Tanker owner “We were hit by a flying object, not mines”

Khamenei is not driven by adrenaline. Deep state are blackmailing Trump for 2020. They want war. Iran has denied them war.

(For those who have worked at Citi Bank, and know history, you know how money moves around the world. Kenyan economy started going down in 1979. The Islamic Revolution which toppled Shah Pahlavi is the reason we are where we are today. Any small fire in strait of Hormuz and kenyan economy burns completely)

@sani fafanua hapana peana njukooo manusu manusu

Mdosi wa Japan alikua ameenda kuona Supreme Leader pale Iran. CIA wakashambulia tanker ya Japan ikibeba methanol. Wakidai ni Iran. Kumbe crew ya tanker iliona chenye kilitokea. Wakacontradict CIA. US wanasema iran ndo iliweka mines kwa tanker.
Crew na mwenye meli wamesema hapana. Tanker yenu iliattackiwa kutoka hewani, sio mines. Na sio Iran.

(after revolution ndio shida ya kenya kiuchumi ilianza. hadi leo hatujawahi recover)

that war will be epic and it will draw in a lot of global players. for sure russia and china will use that to flex their abs.
israel itaingia pia, with Saudi Arabia in the mix. Turkey will also make a play for NATO or Islam…that will be a test and a half…

There was a story about Trump manipulating mbs achokoze Iran then kazi ya US iwe kusupply weapons. Kitambo dust isettle Aramco itakuwa kwa mikono za USA

If they touch Iran walai I will join the war as a sniper. US Chieth imekuja sana.

sniper ni mse wa sniper rifle si mse wa feah

Zote. Nikimaliza risasi feah pia inaweza fanya.

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alafu you will see partriotic soldiers being sent to fight a battle and dieing for stupid reasons … poor neive soldiers !

Saudi Arabia ata hawafai kutajwa na wazito. Houthi wanawanyorosha pale Yemen, wataeza Iran one on one kweli?

Once you become a soldier you sign contracts and during that time you get a salary every month. If the president declares war during the time you’re on contract then you have to go fight. If you decline you will be sent to military prison if they catch you.

The USA has never forgiven Iran for the embarrassment it subjected Americans during the 1979 rev. Ever since it has sought various means to revenge. It will never rest until it takes war to the Iranians. The biggest losers will be the Saudis and the Zionists. East Saudi Arabia is occupied by Shia Muslims. Why is this region critical? Because it houses most of the oil Fields. Attacking Iran the whole region will dissintergrate into chaos. Saudi is indirectly inviting war in its eastern end

One of my classmates passed away, we went to condole the father who is a senior military officer. He told us " as my sons you i pray you get nice jobs, but i would not advice you to join the military." every day i connect the dots why he said that.

Military industry in Murika is spoiling for a fight

Why I hate usa and france govts