USA is quit stupid. Coming from a country that has 500,000 deaths why would you have a travel advisory. IT SHOULD actually be the other way round [ATTACH=full]351405[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]351406[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]351407[/ATTACH]

Tanzania is a sovereign country they can do whatever they resolve to do. American should stick to homosexuality because that is what they are good for.
America ni shithole.

America is within her right to protect the citizens from a country that continues to live in denial of the scourge. Meanwhile the same cannot be said about neighbouring Kenya. I hear our main hospitals wakina AgaKhan and Nairobi are full of Tanzanians being treated for COVID. Why are they allowed in? Kenya as it were was doing so well.
But wait wacha tuchapie BBI we will BRB.

Have they issued an advisory for Sweden which like TZ never closed?

Ningekuwa Pombe ningefukuza Americans wote from Tz. What do they think they are??

i dont think BAN is the correct word. but ukiangalia they emphasize on LGBTQRZDEFGH community OBAMAs and his puppet biden real children not really americans

We umbwer ile burungo nilikuitisha mbona hukunitumia??

Tz denies the existence of the disease while Sweden gave its numbers. So Tz could have 5 cases or 500k cases. Who knows. Why put your citizens against such risks.

Tanzania can issue its own advisory if it wants.

But would you rather get a serious case of Covid in Tanzania or in the US?

American wanajionaa wako mbele na ni bure kabisa… anyway let them ban Americans from coming to Africa

Why castigate the US when you don’t know or seem unaware of the happenings around Mtwara by the shababs from Mozambique