Urithi housing sacco

Has anyone done business with these guys, or do you no anyone who has?
Can they be trusted? I have some doubts especially seeing acres of land for sale in malindi area and house plans in kikambala. If you know land issues at the coast , you can relate.

for starters they’ve got very poor customer care services for instance their facebook page after inboxing them they’re like that bae who thinks ur only after her cookie taking ages to get back to you. u can try visiting their offices if u mean business and btw, ati shamba wanauza around 250k ? and apartments go for 2M? nimepiga hii esabu sana leo…

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Following for myself…

u looking for land or an already built apartment? ati 3 bedroom wanauza mita mbili na nusu… hizi bei zinamezesha mate hadi nazishuku

If it walks like, quacks like, … its duck.

have u ever transacted with em saccos or ur a victim of a good deal gone haywire? check their price quotes and u’ll get excited seems like they may be targeting the middle class yere ati saai ukiwa ata na savings ya mita moja kwa account, ur guaranteed kashamba ama keja !

run nigga run…

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The general rule is that the developer will put a margin of 30% of cost if theyre honest. Jijazie.

Its a @Kigui

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The real @Kigui will ask, almost request to bite your fat behind. Hii Kigui siyo fisi.

The real @Kigui naah… Its a duck! The real @Kigui is a duck

Je ne suis pas les scambag. Lakini hawa watu hata wakiibiwa deserve it. Due diligence watu please. You just dont give your money ki-upuuzi.

Heres a list of all licenced saccos in Kenya 2017. Ni hayo tu


Can I guess?

They sold out some units off plan only to build smaller units than what the clients signed for. currently they are redoing the houses to meet the agreement terms.

Forget those saying urithi this urithi that without substantiating. Urithi are clean. Have been with them for several yrs, na walinisaidia sana when I was building. I recommend then. Ukitaka contact naweza kurushia.

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Where is this? Don’t put wild allegations bro.

They’re legit. Go visit their properties yourself and have a good lawyer with you.

juja, The nyumba mia initiative. Kindly do your due diligence on that project you will be surprised.

So walijenga alafu wakabomoa wakaanza kukenga the right ones?

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