URGENTLY need Coke and Kenya Breweries refrigerator

Hello people, I urgently require refrigerators offered by this companies for my already running establishment in Thika. The distributors are proving to be quite unhelpful in obtaining one. Anyone who can sort me? Customers are disappearing due to lack of cold beverages. Any help will be appreciated. TIA

I think buying one will save you the pain and hustle of looking for a free one.

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You have to bribe the distributor to get you one quicker. It’s what I did. Even if they are not supposed to. Max 3k

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look out for olx and jumuia guarantee. genuine product

OLX bro. Buy from OLX. With your own fridge you can put anything you want unlike the coke fridge that require you to only display their products. Na btw kwa ìyo club yako kuna malanye? ?

Boss huku apan taka kuibiwa hadi viatu


Can you link me up? I’ll definitely give them the cash if they’ll prioritize.

Pesa ya kununua ni shida kubwa babaa

It gotta be the people in your area. Just figure out who’s doing distribution. Talk to one of the shops around where your biz is that has a fridge. Whoever supplies them…prolly will supply you