URGENT: What’s the safest way of buying crypto currency????

Specifically Bitcoin…


Unfortunately ii sio time ya kununua. Ushapitwa na wakati.

scaam ghasiaa hiiGo and promote that crap to your grandma jinga hii za quail , Tuanawaonea 18 scammers

Hehe,juzi JP Morgan has predicted btc will peak at 146000$

If you are here asking where to purchase bitcoins, not only are you late to the latest party but you are also seriously unprepared for it. That Bitcoin can be worth $50k tomorrow or $500. Buy it with money you don’t need.

Bitcoin is never going below $20k again.

Why is it assumed that you buy bitcon as an investment. can’t it be a way of saving money or to use it as a means of exchange, I thought was the original idea to have a currency that is global and not regulated by banks and govts.

use Binance

Heard there’s a bitcoin atm somewhere in Nairobi, you can also try paypal… and don’t listen to the lies it is never late to buy bitcoin as long as you’re in it for the long term…we’re expecting it to reach $100k some time this year

One sided predictions are usually the scariest. Analysts are predicting a 40% drawdown in the next few weeks in line with typical crypto movements. And as high as $146K.

Haha, to do that it must come down to around 10 to 15k so that it starts to build momentum again. And that might be in 2022

Don’t dare try buy it right now, say hii people are offloading their coins. Sellers are just hovering around that price