Upvote/Like & Threaded Replies

@admin, @Deorro

let’s have a function that allows comments with most likes to appear first on the thread, and mutiple replies to be threaded into one,

Mbuzi + guitar =music with no dancer.

I don’t support this, for the simple reason that my comments will always appear first on every single thread. Let’s give other talkers a chance to be heard. This is my humble submission.



Some replies don’t add any value to the thread, if your comments are worthy let them appear first, i cant be scrolling through all the comments just to get 5 useful replies


Kwanza hio app yao UI Haigwes

Usefulness is subjective.

And how sure a you that the 5 useful replies(to you) will be at the top?

The current setup is good because it keeps the narrative in chronological order and that hakuna talker more equal than another.


Idi Admean

Yeah useful is subjective, if a comment has 100 likes let it appear first, there is a damn reason why it has 100 likes,
Also threaded replies will make the comments narrative easier to follow,

That will sow confusion since comments are usually reactions to earlier comments. chronology things.

how does this cause confusion?https://blog.codinghorror.com/content/images/uploads/2012/12/6a0120a85dcdae970b017d3ec46626970c-800wi.png

somehow:D:D. anyway, we like what we are used to.

We are used to it, but its annoying esp threads with over 200 comments, @old monk@Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi @Purple

Cartels watahakikisha comments zao ziko always on top