Upus ya CNN




:mad::mad: Really …

Thank God it no longer dominates international news broadcasts like it used to a decade ago. I stopped watching that propaganda station a long time ago.

KOT wameshaanza


CNN is the new MILF channel


Watched this morning they were showing how easy it is to cross from Somalia to the Daadab camp with no security officers in sight.

Have you noticed that media in Kenya nowadays relies on social media for news? During bulletins they are busy reading tweets and facebook comments. But the camel that broke the straws back is the way they are getting photos off social media for their newscasts. Case in point, the photos of the beast jana refueling and those when UK madea surprise visit to Westgate.

KOT will have a field day in #SomeoneTellCNN. I have done my part by reporting their suicidal tendencies to twitter, blocking them and alerting the masses that their owners are the ones funding ISIS and other terror elements including wars on this planet. Fucking dimwits.

"blocking them " elaborate this part

mushene ya CNN inafanya Daily Kenyan Post ijidharau

So what is your source for international news?

Sky News na Aljeezera sio cartoon stations


Unabonyeza kwa izo viduda vitatu in any of their tweets and the options pop up from their you block 'em, asked for reason say dangerous to themselves…

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France 24.

Al Jazeera, CCTV, NHK, BBC, DW, etc. So many to choose from but not that crappy news network.

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So in your opinion Al Jazeera, CCTV, NHK, BBC, DW, do not have an agenda?

I watch France 24 but an entire news bulletin has like 9 articles 5 of which are French related. only CNN and Aljazeera have a more global outlook in my opinion

They do but I cannot stomach CNN’s hypocrisy and misrepresentation of facts especially on issues related to Israel v Palestine, Syria, Iraq, conflicts in Africa etc. They rarely give out a balanced coverage and they are a propaganda tool for American and Jewish interests. BBC is more balanced in its coverage though sometimes they lose the plot.

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shida kubwa na kot ni kufungua salon kila asubuhi bila kuchelewa, watu wanavuta stool na wanaanza gossip au complaining day in day out without fail

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