Uprise in Kunguru

I ask myself why the number of kungurus in Kenya especially in cities like Nairobi and Mombasa keep rising and the old veteran kungurus never retire and it got me for someone to start a business in Kenya you have to have several license and approvals from government agencies like nema city council kra nca and not forgetting the weekly bribes from rogue karaus and kanjo before you put up your first stock you have parted with an arms and leg worth of fees and then there is the rent and before you make any sales you would have several sleepless nights and nightmares not knowing if the business will pickup especially if the capital is a loan
But for a Kunguru no need for all those hustles she just needs 1k for makeup kits and 500 for a skimpy dress and wait as beta male shower them with drinks and 2k for shot. On a lucky day anaeza kuwekea mchele and part with whatever you have without breaking a sweat and Kwa side hustle anainga tagged na anakuambia 10k for hookup
That my friend is how easy money attracts all this kungurus

Sasa unataka tupige makofi au?

Hoe is Life!

hapana increase,its the developments in communication ndio zime shine the light on that industry.in the distant past tribes were isolated from each other,communication was poor,but now kuna tagged,onlyfans,instahoes etc

Unataka KCR?

Naaah, in the past you’d find old raggwdy bitches parading themselves in the streets, nowadays every girl on tagged, which am sure is a sizeable percentage of our population, have a price and are ready to part their legs wide enough

Dudes never want to admit it but there is D.E.M.A.N.D!

Grossly over exaggeration !!! Hoes who can get paid over 1k per shot are many but niggas willing to pay constitently for hoes are few and far between.

Influx of betamales

Onlyfans is the next big thing… if you have a jobless sister encourage her to sign up and set up her ip address to somewhere in Europe or USA …betas are gonna fund her life
PS: she must be cute / hot… competition is also gaining

Lanye zimeniokolea sana, for a small fee na less energy I can munch as many as I possibly can regardless of size shape colour or age

bt hoeing is risky as well

difference ya malaya , kunguru na slayqueen ni gani

Malaya ni kama @Female Perspective , kunguru @Phylgee na slekwin ni @DeliciousShiko

The difference is the same sir :D:D

The difference is negligible


Ni kiuliso tu.