Upgrade from a old model Nissan Wingroad

I currently drive a Nissan Wingroad old model, i want to upgrade to a subaru forester (2011) or a subaru legacy (2011), both turbo charged, is this choice of cars a good idea, considering practicality and reliability.

Utakua umeoa bibi wa tatu!
Lanes … Lanes my friend

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Forester is not that bad. I have two friends with it na ni kama hawalii sana.

I’d advise you look for the 2011 VW Passat/Jetta Wagon 1.4 Litre TSi. Turbo engine will give you a kick, without hurting your purse strings.

i need a vehicle that i can drive on some muddy/slippery roads, that’s why i need a all-wheel drive

Consider Toyota. Lakini Forester inawesa

Then Forester is good. If you can get the Outback, even better. But why turbo?

turbo:: i want the kicky sporty feeling my fren, otherwise i would just buy a vanguard or crv…

Conventional turbos don’t give the kick. There’s a lag. Hence why I suggested the VWs with superchargers. The Tiguan would fit this bracket too

1.How reliables are the VWs, 2. in case some major part fails, how easily can i get it in Nairobi, i don’t want to start importing spare parts.

Unakuja sana

Ata sikuwa nimeanalyse, kabati imepigwa Frying kick na upper khat noma sana, wuuee

You seem to have already made up your mind and probably just looking for validation. The VW are as reliable as the Subaru with superior ride quality and better aging. Drive a 15yr old Impreza and compare with a 20yr old Passat. Parts are available locally. And ironically, the only car I’ve ever written off was a Subaru coz the insurance company couldn’t get an affordable nose cut.

Whats the price variance when you compare the two?? Subaru vs VW?

Get the forester


Passat is pretty car. Nani ako na experiene nayo?
Naskia ati VW na gear box sio marafiki. I love the passat. It is fourth in line kwa cars i would buy but i have always been discouraged against german cars. Nikaambiwa nikae lane yangu.
1.Mazda atenza Wagon
2. Subaru legacy wagon
3. Honda stream
4.VW passat

Number 1,2,3 zinabishana sana

Naona our tastes are similar. Hapo kwa Honda, ongeza Accord aurier

Noooooooooooooooo boss! I have to stop you there and very fast.

I don’t know what you mean by “conventional turbos”, but yes, even in stock cars you will feel the kick. When the turbo is spinning fast enough o compress air, you’ll definitely feel the whiplash effect.

OP, buy the fozzy. At least it has clearance, it’s fast, and very very nimble. Handles like a true champion.

And when you’re off road, you’ll enjoy it. Very very much. Especially on muddy slippery road.