Updating Samsung Smart Tv Firmware

I got a Samsung ua43nu7100 smart tv na nimenotice some of it’s Software kama netflix zilikuwa last updated 2018 so inahung nikiopen movies.Is there a way to update it?.Auto updates nineona pia imefika mwisho

samsung website shows latest firmware is for sept 2022 ver1330.6 download it and do a manual update

Wazi, thanks

Halafu ni kama TV haisoni hiyo file iko lwa USB,I have cross checked na model ni exact

Maybe try a different USB. Probably a USB 2.0…

first extract the contents of the zip file and move the ".bin" file to your usb drive, the tv can’t read it in zip format

It is a msd file ndani ya image folder. The TV reads the folder but the msd file ndio haisomwi

then samsung must have changed procedure of doing usb updates… what’s the firmware version on the TV?

T-KTM2LUABC-1330.6 na TV model ni UA43NU7100KXKE,I got the exact software but tv haidetect. The netflix app is a 2018 version and cannot be updated via auto-updates na inakataa kubuffer that’s why I wanted to update the firmware.

then your TV is on the latest firmware version if it’s 1330.6 my be you try to reset it

Tried resetting it, netflix app ndio inasumbua,inaload hadi 25% then stops there

Nunua android box problem solved .

what about updating the Netflix app?

Imekataa,that was the default app hadi kuitoa haiwezekani