UPDATES ZA KUFUNGA MWAKA: masaibu ya first born

Pale september I asked the village to help me with a sibling problem link https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/masaibu-ya-first-born-saidia-na-ideas.124110/ and I took some of the advice.

So my Bro alikam I stated my rules that must be followed kwa nyumba na nikaziekelea kwa mlango. Everyday tulizipitia pamoja for the first week. Kijana alishika laini for a while but every now and then he tested my patience whick I retariated without mercy heshima ikadumu. However after 41 days his employer alimlipa 5k against the agreed 20k per month na hapo ndio aliquot kazi na kurudi kwa Mama yake.

On that note he had accrued a huge loan from me of upto 8000 for fare and other expences he paid 4200 from the pay and still has a balance of 3800 on my loan book whick najua sitawai ona. All in all it was a good yr.
Asante wadau

Kama hakuna akae na mama yaghe

Why didn’t his employer pay him the full amount?

The employer is a private company, ya watu 5 so he was the sixth. The employer after the month was ended decided that hio mwezi was for training and hence he will only pay 5k against a verbally agreed upon 20k.

My bro’s mistake is being slow as I asked one of the co workers akaniambia nimwambie ajikakamue., The job was a sales job.

In his own defence he says he went to all places he was sent and if there were no sales it because there wasn’t anyone with money.

I listened back and forth to the blames and realized this was a classic employer employee mismatch.

Na ivyo ndio alirudi kwa mama

Kijana analipwa 5k na unachukua 4200? huna huruma? Hukufanya poa

Dude uplift your kid bro in good faith, kiroho safi. As long as he is not spending the money to feed his addiction…

Pole kwake. Sales job zinakuwanga hivyo…I know you mean well but maybe go a bit easy on the kid asi lose hope in life. He needs all the support he can get.

some siblings though… they make you wanna carry out a secret DNA to prove they are really your brothers

Kindly Read Below link plus comments to understand the complex relationship with this specific sibling from the previous post then re-comment Masaibu ya First born: SAIDIA NA IDEAS - General - Kenya Talk

We’ll see what the new year has top offer… rooting for him tho

4200 ni pesa kidogo kwako but kwake ni kila kitu. mpatie aende zake,

To effectively reply ni post mpya … the long and short Kuna jamaa hupeana loan wanaitwa Tala, nilikopa with my name To finance his endevours juu yeye ako CRB… hao ndio walibaki nazo I toped him up the remainder na nikampea fare afike kwa mama yake. So my other monies to schooling other siblings ie number 3 to 8

You may not be in a position to help him financially but offer him love and hope. That all he needs as he wades through looking for what works for him. We all have our talents and weaknes, what is easy for you may be difficult for me.

Asante kaka for the encouragement