Update Las Vegas: Wuueeh!

60 confirmed dead.

Over 520 seriously wounded.

Killer had 10 high-powered rifles in his room.

Rich 64-year old killer was a pilot who owned two planes.

If only he was not pausing for so long between bursts he would have entered the Guinness Book as the worst single killer in history. Sasa yule wa Norway still beats him…shucks!

Damn! Where is the ferkin’ lighter? I need some boost.

Has the shooter being killed or arrested?

He killed himself.

Yaani one old man has caused all that…

And yet Drumf will continue his sabre rattling against ‘little rocket man’ while the real threat to Americans is from within.

A woman who smokes is a turn-off. Badala ya matiti kunuka oestrogen na some other come-hithers inanuka nicotine…aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggh!

The number of injured is what has stunned me…over 520. That’s like in a mini-war bana…

It would be nice of you to join him on the other side. Old men ni hasara tu.

Motive? ama the old man was just bored

Tired of life possibly

You old people can be unpredictable some times you know haha

So what exactly is the real threat?..the dead man or ?..

His wife/companion does not seem to fit the WASP profile. He was mentally disturbed and she is the terrorist?

Matiti ni shakura ya mutoto. Washana nayo.

Nataka kunyonya yako. Urenda tuonane rii? And this time I am serious…inbox!

Wacha nimalize matanga kwanza.

have some decorum mzee, @Thagichu is still mourning!!

I like it how all the media and security services were very quick to confirm he is a disturbed lone wolf. Trust me had it been black or brown we would be talking of drug dealers, cartel hitmen or terrorists.


The USA will never learn.