Upcoming Movie About Musito Carlos Ghosn's Dramatic Escape

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but let’s be realistic…I know right now Hollywood executives are camping in Lebanon, lining up to suck his cock for the rights to his story. Hiyo sasa itaitwaje? Suggestions:
[li]Ghosn With The Wind[/li][li]Ghosn In 60 Seconds[/li][li]Ghosn Baby Ghosn[/li][li]Mission Impossible: Ghosn Protocol[/li][li]Already Ghosn[/li][li]Ghosn By Dawn[/li][/ul]


The guy escaped inside a Yamaha flight case delivered to a private jet like a boss. :smiley:

@Mzee mzima tafadhali toa maoni.

Na nimesema utoe maoni. Sio ukunie hadharani!

Let Bygones be Byghosns

The Japan job

Flight and furious:Tokyo Drift

He Ghosn Game
Ghosn in the machine
The GhosnFather 1,2&3

The Ghosn and the darkness