We are kenyans, we are informed, we are exposed to world views, we boast of the most educated population in East and central Africa.
We study, we hustle, we hunt for entry level jobs, we learn the ropes, we create employment we wade through the red tape and corruption to make ends meet.
We are excited to meet new people, we appreciate new cultures. We swell with pride listening to the national anthem at international athletic meets.

We inherited a mornachy, my president is not presidential. My cabinet belongs behind bars, my judiciary need a refresher on justice. My CV isnt worth the paper its printed on in Government interviews.

My opposition, led by a mighty revolutionary, an elder statesman, a man of worldwide repute. A man who commands an audience upon a cough. A man whose will would probably set this country on the right path but in reality would drive the last of his disillusioned flock to the gallows just to wear the CIC fatigues.

Fuck Baba, Fuck muthamaki, fuck this fabricated Luo kikuyu Kalenjin war devised to ensure we stay chained between these three families- not tribes for the next century.

I will vote for Uhuru, not because I think he is a good president, but the mere fact that a RAT presidency isnt an option.He lacks an inkling of vision. my business is failing due political uncertainity. As romantic as it sounds its serves me no purpose to march to anniverssary towers to “evict” chiloba, a civil servant protected by the constitution, neither would it benefit me if my wife was to expose her "chupi"to public scrutiny for the tin god of poverty.

We need a selfless revolutionary, a Thomas Sankara, a Mandela. I pray its a reality before my grand children’s time.

You also have a way with words. Tupe hekaya na tukutane kwa debe

Hapo ume-thrust point…

we have so much i common but stuck to this old thinking that we cannot be one because our “tribal chiefs” had a tiff almost half a century ago. I think if you are young enough to know how to use a keyboard then then you should be wise enough to know when you’re being played

RWNBP!!! That’s all that matters… Tutasema kama vile Kamotho, if a dog was pitted against the RAT, we’d vote in the dog to the man.

@mayakeke the fact is we are subjected to vote for the lesser of two evils every election cycle. Fact 1: Uhurus government is the most corrupt since independence. Fact 2: Uhuru’s government has leveraged the lives of Kenyans for the next 20 Years with its massive debt appetite. Fact 3: The SGR ,as it will unravel, will be the largest case of blatant corruption in Kenyan history. All this is happening while Mr. WSR is not in power YET. Mtatia Akili!!

  1. I believe Moi’s government was the most corrupt, difference is, back in the day, open channels of info we’re not readily available like it is today.

  2. You’re clearly regurgitating a claim made by the opposition, I doubt if there was an Odinga presidency they’d do any different. Financing has to come from somewhere, either internally or externally, Governments the world over borrow to finance their development programs, the great US of A has a public debt to GDP ratio of 105.8% while Kenya’s public debt to GDP ratio is 52.7%, 12% above the benchmark for emerging countries (I stand to be corrected on those figures quoted).You want development and at the same time you don’t want the government to borrow to achieve it’s development goals, it doesn’t work that way, ok, maybe it does in Raila’s head. Your argument there doesn’t really cut it, my personal view.

3.SGR, time will tell, but I can bet that it will be a boon to our economy.

In Toro’s time the stealing was rampant among his lieutenants but the threat of public prosecution was well respected. Nowadays we have Governors whose theft is a matter of public knowledge, others are drug dealers and murderers and the only reason they were not prosecuted is coz they know how to play the systems. We celebrated the independent commissions formed under the new constitution like IPOA, IEBC, Integrity and cohesion as well as the Auditor general. All these offices have been used to reinforce the status Quo of corruption and injustice. Our last option would be our right to peaceful demonstration but we know who has the monopoly on that front.
on debt see below excerpt from a CBK economic report.
The CBK’s quarterly Economic Review report for the second quarter of 2016-17 financial year, published last Friday, indicate the value of debt rose to Sh3.763 trillion from Sh3.155 trillion a year earlier. This means that debt has doubled during Jubilee administration’s first term, having jumped by 98.94 per cent compared to Sh1.89 trillion the regime inherited in June 2013.

The CBK data indicate that about 54.6 per cent of Kenya’s national wealth, technically referred to as gross domestic product, was in debt compared to 45.8 per cent in the second quarter of 2015-16 fiscal year.

Aside from building The SGR, 38B lost in leasing medical equipment and an embarrassing laptop project, this government has little to show on where the debt evaporated to. if you remember this was part of the questions the presidential debates that Jubiliee absconded were supposed to get answers for.

Who asks old women to show him their underwear.

The first sensible argument ive seen here in a long. Some people support uhuru just because his from their tribe.

you are in no position to talk about gov’t. Corruption sir. Specks and logs

what a load of bullshiet .glad its only your opinion

Threat of public prosecution? Ha!

Din’t spoil a good discourse boss…


I Like you

Now you are wiping your ass with used toilet paper. Smart governments borrow knowing they have a plan on how to repay the loan . Do we ? I don’t think so . Now have you read the Moody grading report kwa yesterday paper?if not let me know so that i can give you a link.Do you have any idea why they are downgrading our banks grades?Stop blinding your logic thinking with RWNBP nonsense . Think about the future of your future generations.Do you know how much debt have been levied on each of them and yet money is going out buying some real estate and mutual trusts investments in Dubai by some individuals .YOU have ferking idea of what we of financial sector know . I’ll live to tell your kids what kind of father you were . Ngoja tu.

Ujumbe huu umethaminiwa na mvinyo wa Captain Morgan Special Spice pale mkahawa wa Aquarium Kiambu road.

I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against .

I’m not expert in international financing, those were my personal views, no matter how wrong.

There is nothing wrong with you expressing your opinions . What insults my intelligence with your personal views is that you never talk of the evil that’s happening with our taxes . You have implanted the hate of RWNBP so rooted that not even one single day do you talk of corruption. That’s where you insult me. Picture this:at this rate of borrowing , what’s going to happen to young mayekeke in the next 15 years you want jubilee in power? Just stop and think about it . Take off that RWNBP curtain off your eyes and meditate… …