Unmoved: kikuyu what else?



Does that tweet relate?

I was trying to help him know who he is demanding apology from


The Nairobi Business Community has vowed to protect their property. Hawajasema watakata mtu.

Those guys on top half of them are graduates, we schooled with some and stayed with them in nyeri for one month kabla nihamie kwangu. It was hell

Kwani what did you study?


So uhuru ju alikunywa keg he studied kegiology?

They didn’t recruit you?

WSR studied Grabiology.

He was writing this in the cells ama?

Pure blood havuti bangi

Next Kisu cha ngariba

Ushakunja konde ilhali ni swali tu umeulizwa. Sema tu ilisomea Mungikiology, kukatakata vijana wa Kiambu na Banana vichwa, MungichISIS meff!!

all fame is fame; good or bad. they responded in the exact way that babu owino had scripted it

:D:D:D:D, baba amesema that the barcodes on some forms were returning a ‘hotel’ in France as results.


it was hell in the sect?

Those are bangi smokers who think they are Rastafarian. Since they were selling it too you can guess how the house had many visitors na juu nilikuwa naenda job mapema lazima ningengoja waende kitu saa saba dio nilale kwa kiti.