Survives a Bodaboda accident then dies three days later same shopping center hit by a mat…God’s plan or Devil’s plan??


God doesn’t kill people… When will people get this??

Reminded me of the Final destination movies

Might it be sheer carelessness (no disrespect intended) or sheer chance?

he calls them back home

At old age… Yes. Premature death is all the work of the devil…

People should get their facts right.

Eventually nobody will survive

put it another way…no one will come out of this life alive

Didn’t know that devil has power to kill… and if it’s true why not kill all people who are ever condemning him right left and center, as matter of fact why not kill everyone who is against his ‘will’.

He,he ati kii?
Do you know how many people God killed in the Bible in the name of smite,smote,smitten?

Saul kill ammonites ??
Egypt’s first borns??
can continue…
plus he basically introduced death

The level of ignorance can be breath taking…

Give me cases in the new testament…

Very true. How people absolve the devil from this is dumbfounding. And even the most religious have stuck to it.

Nobody makes it out alive.


Profet Owuor in his Rangerover :D:D:D:D:D

[SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]PYTHON PAWA[/SIZE]

If you break the law, you will go to jail. Being jobless, ignorant or poor representation in court will not be an excuse.
God allowed Satan to exist, but if you fall for his tricks, you’re on your own