Unlocking phone

Is there a shortcut to unlock my phone password without factory reset? I just forgot it

I hope mwenye simu yuko salama

What do you mean you ‘just forgot it’? What are you, a warthog?

yes but it involves flashing custom recovery especially twrp

What’s the process?

More like a gold fish.

but you will have to find twrp for your phone model, here is the process

Try as many attempts as possible till the phone suggests an email is required to unlock. Input the email you registered with and then password and voila, you’re good to go.

hio alisahau kitambo sana

  1. What is the model of the phone?
  2. OS version?

that can wait we must know the dosage of rice the previous owner is on


probably a parrot fish

Last week ulijaribu kuoga, ata kama ni uso peke yake?

ulijaribu kuenda church,synagogue,mosques, masonic hall,temple ama ata terrorist camp last week?

You have all the space here to ask as many questions… But one at a time

What if the phone ‘fell off a truck’ or she just 'found’it ?

Be kind! :D:D:D:D:D

I don’t know whether they appreciate that. It is said when chased the warthorg soon forgets after a few meters and starts to graze while the predator is still in hot pursuit.

use this method