Unlocking modem ZTE MF667

Anyone kindly help unlock modem zte mf667 so i can use another network other than orange it was locked to. I also have Huawei E3531i-2 locked to airtel. I am in an area where both networks Telkom and airtel are poor.

nonoa semo.

I don’t understand why anyone is still using a modem at this age. Anyway download dc unlocker with crack pale piratebay

Not everybody is privileged to be living in urban centres ,like you

Says who i live in urban center? Ever heard of tethering and portable hotspot? That phone u r using to post here is all the modern you need.

Someone of us are slow when it cimes to tech, having used a smart phone since 2013 I got to know I can use phone as modem march this year. This happened when my modem broke down. I would watch car redio reviews and they would say it has hotspot bla bla bla and I thought those are thing of developed countries:D

I thought so too…but for someone who wants to connect to say, an IP camera in the house…ull definitely need a 4g modem and a wifi switch or a switch with inbuilt sim card slot…which are less expensive than a new 4g capable phone.

NV chief.

That one will shorten the lifespan of your battery considerably.

kwani unataka kukaa na simu miaka 20?

Sio hivyo hata. Remember modem pia kuna mifi siku hizi which is also more convenient than using a phones hotspot.

talking of slow people,solid state ni kumaanisha nini??

I used to use nokia 2700 as a modem back in 2014 through Bluetooth

so at the end of the long discussion no answer is coming. I didnt find dc-unlocker cracked at pirate bay. There is always a reason why someone needs some information. We have very bright people in kenya who rarely will provide solutions to a problem. Only to critic.

We had bought some of these gadgets and abandoned them but for one reason or another you pick them up and want to use again. Like i have ZTE MF667, ZTE MF192 and huawei E3531i -2 modems that could be useful if unlocked because my location now has poor airtel and telkom internet


What if i use a card phone? plus tethering fucks the battery in the long run…

Worked then but now it doesn’t.

Even the Android boxes, just use your old phone.

can you help with the airtel dashboard software the one with .exe or which mobile partner do you use?