Unlocking itel it 2180(kaduda selfie)

hello wazito,i would like to unlock this phone,anyone with ideas?ii ngori ya lazima sim 1 ikue[ATTACH=full]112314[/ATTACH] inserted ndo sim2 iwork naona noma. anyone with ideas a help out a brother in need will be appreciated

Phone flushing… Less than 5usd in cbd.

ulinunua pesa ngapi? kama ni less than 5k just throw it away ama upatie mtoto achezee. Next time nunua unlocked phones.

Shida ni network lock(sim lock? ama phone password lock??

Ulichapa nani ngeta

You can get another unlocked phone for 999 from same Orange/Telkom. Although I suspect it’s one of those phones that sound like a police siren when powering on.


uwa nmesanywa sa nkaomba ii kushikilia nikiendelea kujipanga

iko sim locked…

how do i go about procuring the same operator?

mm ndo nilichapwa aise…

ata niliokolewa bahari…

I don’t understand your question… but what I said I just overheard a guy anounce over a loud speaker close to where am seated. There’s a Telkom branded gazebo with folks selling 4g lines and 999-shilling phones.

You can have it network unlocked by fundis in the CBD if you are around Nairobi.

what i meant was how can the same operator sell unlocked versions of nthe phone,wouldt it be derailling the business?
besides that,nlimuggiwa so ryt nw nia noma ya funds thats y i need to unlock this phone

amnot in nrb at the moment… are there toos that i can use to ulock it myself?

I think they are at the moment. Even saf sells unlocked phones these days. But unlike Saf, Telkom also sells dual line phones that are unlocked.

Itelo??? Jeesu!

Hii simu nilinunua last year, nikienda home nikaifungua kwa mat, ile sauti ilitoa ikiturn on ilinishtua karibu niitupe


I don’t think so, go to your fundi Wa simu at the corner shops he might direct you on where you can get it unlocked.