Unlocking decoders

How true and practical is this??

Most probably it won’t work

What a coincidence,niko hapa trying to jailbreak a tv set top box from etisalat:D:D:D:D:D:D

You may succeed but those content providers will only upgrade their systems and you’re back to square 1.

Kuna feedback nimetoa Quora:

I don’t know what encryption system is used, but the box needs to have a CAM slot or card slot. Web search should establish which encryption, then further searches may reveal a suitable CAM and or card that can be programmed. Beware if buying pre-programmed boxes off the web, they don’t work for long

Even if you achieve this the encryption “keys” are usually changed regularly by the broadcaster in order to stop the piracy of their products, hence you may end up having to constantly reprogramme the CAM and or the card.

I used to do this years ago to get Scandinavian film Sat. channels but got tired of the weekly or less reprogramming.

The broadcasters knows you can do this. Don’t think they are so ignorant. They will always be on top of your game

Not worth it lipa to TV na bundles

Soma terms and conditions tena.

Hii ukora imekuwa tangu 1992. Back then you could, nowadays it’s nearly impossible. Emphasis on nearly.

It’s a scam. You are being sold a “DTB Firmware” that’s hogwash. Steer clear of such, unless you have money to burn and time to waste. It’s a trap, don’t go down that rabbit hole.

Aiavoid kama choo kwa ndoto eh

FTA is the way halafu for premium content, torrent at work or see your friendly movie guy in your neighborhood. Netflix is cheap if you have good internet and many people are sharing accounts. Showmax pia naskia ni bei nafuu.


You cannot hizo box ni noma sana

Niibomoe tu for parts sasa inaonekana?