Unlocked mifi routers

Where can i get faiba supported Mi-fi Router? Walahi nimesaka and I haven’t found anything yet any leads guys?will appreciate sana


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Hmm thanks…does it work like for real?

Thank you for the suggestions…will procure one nisahau story za suffering com na airtel umeffi

Works perfectly it’s the one am currently using and it has decent enough battery life,for me it last a whole day.

I will go for it…looks nice as well…sasa how do you load data on it?

Have you ever used a Mi-Fi??
You buy data using a sim card and input the sim card to the Mi-Fi through a sim slot, power it on and you are good to go.

Faiba Selfcare
can only work when connected to the mifi WiFi kuna hadi option ya buying data with M-PESA…

Thank you for this invaluable info

No never used a mifi before and that’s why i asked and since i don’t have a phone that can pick faiba line i was thinking if there is another way

Ni vile tu nimekushow hapo juu. Buy data using a sim card then put the sim card in the MiFi through the sim slot put the MiFi on and you are good to go. Siku hizi hata kuna option ya buy for another number. Bundles zikiisha unabuy zingine sim card ikiwa bado iko kwa MiFi

Hapo sawa . thanks for the info

Usijisumbue kununua phone yao.Download Faiba app and register your number.Load Faiba credit from M-Pesa and buy Faiba bundles.

Aaaah nicely put even better