Unlimited Internet - Laptop Only

I will be providing the service as from tomorrow noon.Pre-order(inbox me before noon kesho):1000 Selling price: 1200 kesho

A one hour trial/testing package is available(expires after 1 hour).

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Hio hata sijawai skia

if you turn out to be a con then we wont tolerate you over here.

I can smell a con from out here


Its genuine stuff guys.Am even giving a trial period for you to test and if you are satisfied you can recommend to others

1200 per month or what?

following keenly

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waiting for a review from a member

give me the package…basi…ni sample…kwanza

@Deorro mwambie akupe trial and see if it works, like the other guy did. If you can confirm this, then villagers will buy as usual.

@ndireagangimahehu , deorro ndio baba. Akisema intaneti iko sawa, sisi tunafuata yeye kama baba, tutanunua.

Hee,wacha nkae na bundles zangu mwitu…hii maneno ya kulipia hewa staki

mwitu gani?

Zote saf na airtel

Kwani huyu mjamaa alienda chini ya wezere?

Pengine aliogopa vetting