Unknown Facts about the Islamic Slave Trade | Thomas Sowell


pale isis they created a whole system for trading, slaving and raping captured women as young as 8… allah is one cruel mofo


Here @11:43 he talks about Maasai raiding Kikuyus and wakamba.


Nonsense inaccurate information. The Maasai and Kikuyus didn’t do raids against each other for the purpose of selling slaves. It was purely for the purpose of obtaining livestock and women. Read your local history.

lies upon lies

Umewekewa link ya vitabu kwa description. You are free to prove him wrong.

start with what chifu butita said hapa

Part ya Kikuyu I agree he is wrong but part ya Mwarabu the guy is 100% correct. Even now Mwarabu in Libya are selling nyeusi like potatoes.

that is truearab_slavetraders-001.jpg