University Student, Mitch Kibiti, Killed by Club Owner in Kimilili

A university student, Mitch Kibiti, was recently killed by the owner of club Etonia in Kimilili. Mitch who was a patron in the club apparently exchanged words with the owner of the club who drew his gun and shot him to death. The incident which happened around am sparked riots in the town with the club being looted by angry residents.Mitch is a son to David Kibiti who is the Bungoma County Executive Committee member in charge of Education and ICT. He was formerly the Principal of Kamusinga School. Mitch is a student of Pwani University.

Hii ndio shida ya kulicense guns, unapatia mtu gun ajidefend against wezi, anaenda kuuwa watu kwa club.

i wonder what mitch said in order to deserve a bullet.Since the owner is a bigshot, hii stori itaekwa chini ya maji.