University Courses

I would like to ask professional talkers in the corporate sector what degree course someone should do. You might be wishing you did a certain course or in your hustle you see someone excelling in something and you wish you knew before and did that particular course.
I don’t like doing something without doing some research that’s why I am requesting for your opinion.

Would you be more specific in your request, maybe mention areas you’ve been considering.
P/s smart questions beget smart answers.

Degree in Mass action/Demostration. its very marketable at the moment

Intake ongoing at Kondele University

how is this possible?

  1. a high school classmate graduated two years ago with a degree in BsIT i.e science in I.T and right now he’s still tarmacking.
  2. another one did CISCO for a year and right now working in a firm (I.T/networking division) earning 80k

Tech skills vs “theoretical” degree.

Some that i have come across in this village for your kind consideration.

  1. Degree in Insect behaviors
  2. Diploma in mortuary attendance

fanya B.Ed in history and kiswahili you will have a very easy time in uni get a job even before you graduate and after few years the govt will hire you.

Hii upus ingine ya being screwed by life in uni and equally after wachana nayo


Huku kuna mpaka kegiology, grabiology, kumatology courses etc

I wish to do Cpa then Bcom finance option.

Pursue a course in the technical field. Qualified /competent plumbers are rare to find…A diploma in plumbing and grade certification is very marketable.

…and Rithology too…

HKM certification

With that course you have a lot of options.You can do accounting,marketing,manager or ceo in future.

You sound like you really don’t know what you want to do. Fanya a degree in education specializing in Art, craft and Music/Home science kama mwalimu mwingine hapa.

I’m not an accountant but I would highly recommend this since accountants are needed everywhere. hospitals, banks, schools, hotels, in the transport sector. I cannot imagine a sector that does not need accountant.

as is always said, do something you are comfortable with, for better advice more info about you will be needed, what subjects were you comfortable with at high school, what is your personality, things like can you easily look at the gory images posted, can you lie without feeling remorse, how do you handle rejection, are you comfortable being a snitch …

On getting jobs or moving up in your career, interpersonal skills are more important, also there is that luck that comes in especially when starting out, lakini hakuna silver bullet when it comes to what you are asking for, otherwise BSc (Botany and Zoology) would be the hottest course.

All education is good. You don’t excel because you are in particular trade, you excel because you enjoy your trade and you are able to convert your trade into monetary value. Survey all the marketable trades and chose one you would enjoy most practicing.

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