United Democratic Alliance (UDA)

Ruto forms anaza political party in readiness for twenty twenty two.

Party Symbol? Yes you guessed it. Its a Wheel Barrow.

Shairman is that that guy from Machakos (former senator)


Excercise in futility. Hatuchagui wezi.

Just another day in politics. This year alone over 100 parties have been formed. This is just one of them.

Just to be clear, DP Uncle Ruto hasn’t endorsed any party yet. He will do that at his own time.

United Democratic Alliance - UDA is by members who are either close to him or support him. UDA is for grassroots development and growth from wards to countrywide.

I for one is part of Peoples Empowerment Party with Moses Kuria.

Basically Hustler movement has many shades, groupings and interest to be one outfit from inception. Everyone is coming up with their own identity - party to join the common purpose of Hustler nation. Then at the appropriate time we merge to one Alliance. From above UDA is one of the proposed Alliance.

Let this political realignments and development happen at the back of your mind. The people immediate worry should be corona, brokenness, back to school, bills, debts and poor economy. Parties and alliance should be last and well catered for.

Hii ya Waititu nayo imenistua

What is so special with the dung beetle in kuria’s party symbol?

Uwizi wa jubilee is not acceptable anymore. And now they are separated to choose between defo 1 and defor 2. Fvck them ans what they stand for

Registrar of political parties is one large farting joker.

No political party with a provisional registration certificate should participate in a general election,maybe a by election only.

It’s like using dirty linen over again and over and over again.

I want to see a candidate in Kenya rise and literally speak to the people instead of looking for political alliances to get votes.

What does it all mean? Political vehicles are useless entities that are run on personalities. So what political future does Kenya have? We need parties that can build a history and leave behind a legacy that will then use internal checks to weed out unqualified candidates.

As long as Ako yes to BBI, Fuck him, and his endless parties… In azaa nyuus nurses wa county hawajalipwa

YES. Ruto is contradicting himself by claiming to be Pro hustlers yet he supports burdening them with over 100 new politicians in the BBI. Politicians salaries come from the taxes the government imposes on us.
If the voters are serious about kupunguza mzigo then they will see that anybody supporting BBI is not their politician.
William Ruto is no different from Gideon Moi, Raila Odinga or Uhuru Kenyatta

No party with a provisional registration certificate merits contesting in a general election.asanteni.

From now on it will be Handshake Vs. Hustler, and in most of those times, the handshake will suffer serious casualties.

At least angetudanganya Ako NO, though he carries 50% of the last 8 years blunder and incompetence by Uhuruto!!