Ungedoo?? Hekaya time

Pepo:Hekaya Hekaya?

Talkers: Hekaya Njoo

Well its hekaya time. This Hekaya takes me back to colle when we were not only real but unchained fisis.

So me and my pack of fisis check into a club all ready to party. Offcourse hormones and Helb Money heavy in our pockets.

A group of ladies from anaa campus check in also and seat in an adjacent table. One of them is fiiiiine; the kind that can put Hudah Monroe to shame.(For all you Huddah Haters, BTW ni mfine yani bila kuficha ama kuchocha…Too bad she is a socialite but ata madem huku ukiwauliza wanamhate kwa nini hawajui,wansema tu wanamhate. That extraordinary is what I usually like. )

As time goes by and everyone is imbibing the frothy waters and having a merry time, we start eyesing one another with the chic. Eyesing is the art of flirting with eyes where if perfected well you can say hi, compliment a girl and ask her to step out for min with you with your eyes only without even talking or gesturing. Fisis know this art. So we’re eyesing and giggling and then a very nice song comes along and we eyes each other to the floor.

She stands first and Oh my God, the worst of turn offs for me happened. She was six feet tall!! WTF?? I am not that tall and tall chics intimidate me and I had not noticed that aspect till then. Unfortunately, I couldn’t proceed to dance with her and she kept beckoning me and I lengad, ignored until she became angry and pissed. She could not understand how and why I wasn’t going to join her after the serious eyesing session. I whispered to my friend aka FISI 2 the wingman and told him btw I couldn’t dance with the girl coz of height issues. He asked if id mind if he did dance with her and I said I wouldn’t mind.

Fisi2 went for the kill and coz the chic was all along looking at us and somehow incepting our conversation and agreement decided to teach me a jealousy lesson. Immediately my boy reached her at the dance floor, she planted a long wet one on his mouth. (Oh Boy that should have been me!!!) That did a number on the boy since from that time his wood wouldn’t allow him to dance.(Have you ever had that?)

Sadly, when home time came, I had been unlucky to ensnare a take away and so I was going home alone i.e the hostel. My boy chotad the girl who was only too willing just to make me feel the loss.

In campus at the hostels, Fisi2 sleeping in the lower decker DFd this girl and I tend to think she exaggerated the soundtracks to piss me off as I slept on the upper deck of the bed. Suffice to say I slept with a hard on and buckets of regret but if she only knew she wasn’t the problem!!

Swali, ungedoo na mbona madem wanaweka grudge kubwa hivo?

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Hehehe serves you right. We as #TeamMafisi laud that lady for teaching a fisi like you a lesson for not grabbing an opportunity

so fisi 2 aka wing man slept on the lower deck and also you slept on the lower deck of the bed

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learn to live with yourself, boy!

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unaomba kombi, akimaliza au akilemewa he tags you and you get in the ring

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so fisi 2 aka wing man slept on the lower deck and also you slept on the lower deck of the bed

Haha TLS… Kisungu na mimi… Inanichenga… But ive changed. was on the upper deck.

You missed an opportunity to have a nice 3some. :):):slight_smile:

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Sijaelewa hapa.

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kubaff,you should have used a ladder to hit that pussay


Hii sasa ni insecurity ya Aina gani. Yaani you get intimidated by a chic just by her being taller than you?

Boss ati? First rule of ufisi, unapita na kila kitu. Fisi habagui![ATTACH=full]9937[/ATTACH]

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insecurity ni kitu mbaya sana…i used to fear high class ladies kwanz nikiskia unafanya corporate world eg cashier /bank teller/safaricom stuff

kumbe sikujuwa ni madame wa kawaida tu…used to fear them coz l sell movies…aki hizi movies pale zimenipeleka

respect the hustle watu wangu :smiley:


You deserve NOT the title that you have,so ungraciously bestowed upon yourself. The title FISI.

You sell movies for real? Ama tu ni njaro zako. In campus I used to fear chics who appear moneyed or coming from a rich background. You know them just by looking at them. But being the queit calculative guy…I went for one from Nax…born tau hivi wa kutoka Bahati Girls…in kcse yetu the school was among the performers. Dame did all she can to lengaa me…vingereza mob na mi ni msee ametoka direct day scholar…I never gave up. Told her that by accepting my friendship maybe one day I can help her when she is in need…to cut my long HOYA…towards the end of our first Semester,tulikuwa chanda na pete…couples…and thats where my problem began for the next four years. I can get any lady I want. She needs just to give me time and make a mistake of listening to me.


you owe us a chain of hekayas

‘We start eyesing one another with the chic…’
’ I am not that tall and tall chics intimidate me…’
‘Suffices to say i slept with a hardon and BUCKET of regrets…’

Sijui mbona nacheka