Unfair deletion of posts

@admin and mods here, I can’t comprehend why you have been deleting my posts all day whilst retaining similar posts (that in my opinion are far worse) from other talkers. I accept that my language/choice of words is sometimes colourful, but in turn, I do provide deep perspectives and insights that enrich the diversity of opinions on this forum. For instance, and if you haven’t noticed, I am probably the only NASA talker that is engaging in constructive discourse with jubilants despite losing the just completed election. Kindly demonstrate impartiality in you actions.


This post still remains


Wahenga walisema “usishindane na ndovu Kunya”


Mouraythee unasumbua wanaume hapa!Hii utoto peleka kondele ama Nyalenda!


I accept that my language/choice of words is sometimes colourful
what was the question again?

I didn’t get your point about constructive discourse…must be my low IQ…

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I am not raising a question, I am requesting for impartiality.

nilikuanika hata yangu ikatolewa

Anatumia? Crown ama Duracoat?